After completing the tutorial, should you choose to skip it

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This provides a chance for beginners to feel like they're in a good place to start, rather than getting thrown in the midst of it.

You already know everything about that an experienced player? You've played RuneScape previously OSRS gold; this is is a quick recap for you isn't it? "What's going on regarding Fresh Start Worlds? Fresh Start Worlds, already!?" I hear you screaming at your computer screen. So, let me in on the action. Tim Fletcher, aforementioned Lead Game Designer, to guide me through the game and tell me what I as a former player (if it is even named this) I can look towards.

After completing the tutorial, should you choose to skip it, as me, you'll end up at the village located in Burthorpe which Fletcher states is the new beginning point, and also the central point for players. This provides a chance for beginners to feel like they're in a good place to start, rather than getting thrown in the midst of it. It's also the place to discover Gale Freshman, a new NPC who has accessibility to Fresh Start Worlds Rewards Shop. Fletcher displayed his dog Luma the Wolf as the first reward to be found in the shop - with a the appearance of a purple, spiked hairline and its sparkling body shimmered with a cosmic, spectral energy, as if it was created from the stars.

Earn Progress Points according to your own progress track and meet certain milestones. Players will be rewarded by playing the way they prefer to play by participating in these Fresh Start Worlds. The actions such as the completion of Quests or advancing Skills as well as unlocking Achievements earn points. It was said to me: RuneScape is not exploration driven - it's a goal-oriented. Are you looking to fulfill your dreams of being an avid angler? It is possible. Concentrate on fighting? You can. Enjoy that Harvest Moon life style and concentrate on the farming skill? Yessiree.

Fletcher guided me around the town and out to the south, towards the port to take the boat to Lumbridge. On the way Fletcher gave me some statistics on what it was that the Fresh Start Worlds were faring in the early days. The Fresh Start Worlds have already seen more than 33.000 users registered on Fresh Start HiScores, an amount that has increased to more than 40.000. As as of writing this article. Fletcher said was a great mixture of returning and new players. Certain skills are already restricted to the maximum levels of 99.

The first was Magic that Fletcher stated was created just 13 hours after Fresh Start Worlds' launch was launched. Fletcher also noted that he's seen a lot of the new pet species with halos as they walk around, which is a reward that can be that is earned when you train abilities. To assist in getting these rewards, the Fresh Start Worlds feature weekly increases like 100 percent XP on skills below the level of 70. They also offer "free dying" so there's no penalty for death or even a possibility of double yields when collecting resources.

There are also unique Fresh Start World "Boons" you can get. Although these Boons will not be carried over into the game itself, they can gain some really fun upgrades such as Infinite Run Energy, infinitely recyclable food items, as well as the chance to save on runes bolts, arrows, as well as other consumables that are utilized in battle. This is a great chance for players who are new to the game to get to know their fellow players in the main game, who could have put them at the limit in the past.

It sounds too good to be real? The catch is that it's an exclusive mode that is available only to new accounts that have an account, however the last few days, Oldschool RuneScape has also begun with new Fresh Start Worlds available to everyone. However, in oldschool RuneScape it is not possible to earn special items you can earn and transfer, nor do there are any daily boosts, it's simply a new beginning.

Why do they even bother with these Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape at all? Fletcher said that it was in response to feedback from players. Keatley also said they believe that the seed for that idea was planted many years ago when they were studying comments on Reddit and one of those 'Wouldn't you think it would be cool if they could do this?' threads. The idea stayed in the minds of the developers such as, "Yeah? It would be awesome would it not?"

Continued my tour with Fletcher and Fletcher, we finally left Lumbridge (which was oddly enough RuneScape gold, did not dock at a different port, but was instead spawned directly in the front of Lumbridge Castle) in which Fletcher gave me a few examples of RuneScape's first quests, including learning cook under the guidance of the chef of the castle. He told me that I could be able to remember Lumbridge in the beginning of RuneScape since it was the first city.